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Synbar Lockhart

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Synbar Lockhart was a Rogue Trader and scion of House Lockhart, who was active in the Koronus Expanse.[1]


In 152.M41, Lockhart's fleet was ambushed by the Aeldari faction known as The Crow Spirits in the orbit of the Dead World, Foulstone. This was the first confirmed sighting of the Xenos species within the Expanse and a dozen of the Rogue Trader's ships are destroyed. Only Lockhart's own cruiser, the Menes Rhea, manages to escape the ambush intact. However The Crow Spirits' attack dealt a blow, that the Rogue Trader's fortunes never fully recover from. Because of this, House Lockhart still maintains a bitter hatred of the Aeldari to this day.[1]

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