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Syndalla is a fanatically devoted Inquisition agent and Assassin of the Callidus Temple. She was the sole survivor of Inquisitor Kalistradi’s retinue, after they were killed investigating a Genestealer infestation on the planet Avalos. After the Inquisitor contacted the Deathwatch for aid in dealing with the infestation, the Genestealer Cult, began an uprising on Avalos' lone city Lordsholm. A majority of Avalos' PDF's officers were killed in the rioting and the PDF began to fall apart losing ground to the rioters. Seeking time to stop the Genestealers and save the city Kalistradi, ordered Syndalla to take the form of an of a PDF officer, while the Inquisitor and her retinue sought out the Cult's Broodlord. Syndalla kept the soldiers in order and fought the rioters, while she waited for word from the Inquisitor. When none came she kept up her disguise hoping the Inquisitor's message was received. Syndalla would later aid a Deathwatch Kill Team that landed on Avalos, in response to the Inquisitor's request for aid.[1]