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Szarekhan Dynasty

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Colour Scheme Information Symbol
Necron Royal Warden.jpg
Name: Szarekhan Dynasty
Phaeron: Szarekh
Capital: Song of Oblivion
Colours: Bronze

The Szarekhan Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty.[1]


At the time of the War in Heaven the Szrekhan Dynasty was preeminent among the Necrontyr, with its members serving as the Silent King for many generations. This included the last Silent King, Szarekh. After the end of the War in Heaven and the shattering of the C'tan, Szarekh took some of his now-Necron Szarekhan Dynasty into the intergalactic void with him on his mission of exile and penance. Though in stasis, they remained with Szarekh for millions of years until he discovered the Tyranids within the void and returned to the galaxy in late M41.[1]

The Tomb Worlds of the Szarekhan Dynasty remaining in the Galaxy suffered in the meantime. First against Eldar attacks and then by embittered Necrons of other Dynasties who felt the Silent King had abandoned them. The Szarekhan were slow to rise. In M18, Warp Storm Asmodeor devastated the worlds of the Szarekhan Dynasty.[8b] These problems only exacerbated the issue, as rival dynasties caused further acts of sabotage while they continued to sleep. When they were finally brought back, they found their numbers much depleted. Despite these difficulties, they wasted no time in asserting their dominance once again and believed in a prophecy that the Silent King would one day return to lead their people to salvation. Their faith was eventually rewarded, for in late M41 the Silent King appeared openly.[2]

With news of the Silent King's return, many Necron Dynasties now eagerly ally themselves with the Szarekhan. Other Necron Dynasties have rebelled against the Szarekhan, blaming them for the terrible fate that befall the Necrons.[8b] The Szarekhan nobility views the galaxy with a sense of entitlement, and they are quick to subjugate their rivals and annihilate those who refuse to comply.[2] The Dynasty currently has territories in both Segmentum Tempestus and south of the Galactic Core in Ultima Segmentum.[8d]

Necron memories regarding the Szarekhan Dynasty are unclear and inconsistent, and even individuals such as Orikan the Diviner have difficulty discovering the past of the Dynasty. Even to the Necrons themselves, when the Szarekhan Dynasty formed and how long they have been awake is inconsistent. Disturbingly, no Necron seems able to concentrate on the topic long enough to discover an answer.[8c]

Known Engagements


The Crypteks of the Szarekhan Dynasty are well-known for their skill in the manipulation of Blackstone. Such is their skill that even their standard infantry is equipped with small amounts of Blackstone technology to protect them against the Warp. With access to the best resources and skill, the Szarekhan Dynasty are equipped with the most durable bodies and the most destructive weaponry.[2]

It is speculated the the Szarekhan Dynasty's technological superiority may be built into their psyche thanks to the machinations of the Silent King. Even its Crypteks are capable of greater feats of technology. Strangely enough, Dynasties which swear allegiance to the Szarekhan soon find themselves acquiring these same benefits.[8b]

Known Members

Known Allies and Subfactions