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Illuminor Szeras

Illuminor Szeras is a Necron Cryptek.


He constantly labors to unravel the mysteries of life, for he fears that he would be a poor god without the secrets of life at his fingertips. As such, he requires a constant flow of living subjects for brutal experimentation and agonizing testing in his scientific quests. He acquires experimental subjects by raiding the worlds of the younger races.[2] However above all else, he cherishes Eldar subjects, as they inevitably produce more intriguing results then any other of the galaxy's living creatures.[1]

Though he is obsessed with the secrets of life, his aptitude for augmenting the weaponry and mechanical bodies of other Necrons is peerless. As a result his talents are in high demand by other Necron Overlords.[1]

It is known that Szeras waited on Nectavus VI for the day when the Warp would break free and he would behold the death of an entire planet. As around him erupts a cataclysmic event, Illuminor Szeras calls upon his lurking armies and begins to pursue his own inscrutable goals. The obsession of Szeras with the nature of biological life has led him to create new forms of repair on his own necron soldiers, and his experiments (in many cases) have improved the effectiveness of the mechanical bodies of his servants.[3]


Szeras Miniature[2]