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This page contains spoilers for: Space Hulk: Tactics

Tahariel is a Terminator Sergeant in the Blood Angels Chapter and he led the squadron that destroyed the Space Hulk, Forsaken Doom.[1a]


Prior to that, he was severely wounded fighting Hive Fleet Leviathan during the Cryptus Campaign, where Tahariel lost his entire squadron. The Sergeant wished to eschew command in the aftermath of the campaign, which his Chapter accepted[1b]. However in M42[1c], this suddenly changed while Tahariel served under his friend Captain Ubaldo[1h] aboard the Blood Crusader. It was after the Forsaken Doom threatened to collide with the Forge World Gorgonum and Ubaldo came to its aid[1d]. The Captain's battered force aboard the Blood Crusader had just completed a successful campaign, though, and could only send a single Terminator Squad to invade the Space Hulk[1e]. This was not an ideal situation, both because the squadron had been cobbled together from available Terminators and it had been sometime since Tahariel had taken field command. Captain Ubaldo, though, trusted the Sergeant's courage and skill to see the mission completed. Tahariel in return said, the Captain's faith in him was not misplaced and that the squadron would not fail[1d]. However before they could depart, and begin placing a series of Melta-bombs near energy cores in the Space Hulk[1f], Inquisitor Jost von Marburg appeared and made his presence known. The Inquisitor refused to explain how he knew of the Forsaken Doom's location and simply stated he was there to observe the Blood Angels' mission. As Tahariel and his squadron[1d], infiltrated the Forsaken Doom, though, Inquisitor Marburg began aiding them[1f] as they sought locations to place the Melta-bombs. However since the Inquisitor knew that the Forsaken Doom contained unique specimens of Genestealers, and they are an expertise of his, Marburg asked the squad to kill or collect any they came across for him to study. Captain Ubaldo agreed to this this at first, as long as their main mission was not put at risk[1f], but he began to object when the Inquisitor demanded more specimens. Marburg reminded the Captain, though, that his status as an Inquisitor meant his demands were not requests, leading Sergeant Tahariel to agree to do so.[1g]

Lexicanum Hagios, who served in Tahariel's squadron, would later give his misgivings about aspects of their mission. The Sergeant replied that he keeps such concerns to himself, as there can be no good dwelling in the past. This led the Lexicanum to bring up Tahariel's own past, concerning the Cryptus Campaign, and how the Sergeant is once again leading a squadron against Tyranids. When Tahariel reacted angrily to this, Hagios replied that the Sergeant sought redemption for the losses he suffered in the Cryptus Campaign, but he feared taking the path to reach it. The Lexicanum warned, that the Sergeant must harness his unspent rage if Tahariel wished to see Baal once again. The Sergeant replied, that they would be victorious and destroy the Forsaken Doom, which Hagios was glad to hear[1b]. In a later conversation with Captain Ubaldo, Tahariel thanks his friend for making the Sergeant lead the squadron aboard the Forsaken Doom. This mission will allow Tahariel to finally break free of the shadow of his past and embrace the wrath of the Angel. After hearing this, Lexicanum Hagios remarks that Tahariel has always been a worthy son of Baal. He then tells the Sergeant to show the Forsaken Doom's Genestealers, the price of challenging the Blood Angels[1h]. Tahariel and the squadron would later complete their task of planting the Melta-bombs[1a], while also recovering a lost Seal[1i] and the unique Genestealer specimens the Inquisitor demanded[1j]. As the Forsaken Doom was now dangerously close to Gorgonum, the Melta-bombs needed to be quickly activated, in order to ensure the Forge World's survival. This left the squad with little time to escape from the Space Hulk, but Tahariel was ready to accept their deaths, as they had completed their mission. Captain Ubaldo, however, was able to give them an escape route and the squadron escaped, before the Melta-bombs created a chain reaction that caused the Space Hulk to explode.[1a]


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