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Tainted Sons

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Tainted Sons -
Origin: Death Guard[Needs Citation]
Leader: Gulgoth[Needs Citation]
Chaos dedication: Nurgle[Needs Citation]
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

The Tainted Sons are a Death Guard Warband.[1][2]

The Tainted Sons are a slow but unstoppable hammer blow, who are known as line-breakers and trench fighters without compare. Under the guidance of their Lord Gulgoth, they have earned a reputation for close-quarters brutality and display both terrifying fire discipline and an obsessiveness with efficiency that borders on madness. Indeed in battle, a favoured tactic of the Warband is to pick a single, priority target and engulf it, in a merciless destructive hail of shots before they move on to other foes. All of these attributes would serve them well when they faithfully fought for years under the Daemon Primarch Mortarion during the countless wars between the Chaos Gods in the Eye of Terror and earned them the blessing of Nurgle. This aided them greatly in battle and when the Tainted Sons were unleashed to wreck havoc outside of the Eye, the Warband discovered Nurgle's blessing still clung to them like miasma. Now the very ground they walk upon curdles into churned filth, while unnatural spores and Warp-tained fumes thicken the air around them and nothing natural can survive for long in the presence of the Tainted Sons. In fact, the very flesh of their foes begins to rot and break out in foul clusters of buboes, as the Warband closes in on them; all while the Tainted Sons gurgle out their warcry, "All will rot."[1]

The Warband fought the Ultramarines, during the Thirteenth Black Crusade and in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation, the Tainted Sons have conquered several Imperium worlds in Nurgle's name[3]. They have fought in the Plague Wars and earned the praise of Mortarion, when they fought beside the Daemon Primarch's side. As of now the Tainted Sons reside in the Plague Stars and continue to make war of the Realm of Ultramar[4a]. They are currently invading Korvon II and are clashing with the Ultramarines strike force that has come to save the Imperium world.[4b]


Conflicting sources

There is some confusion as to who commands the Tainted Sons. Media released when the Tainted Sons were first created, list Gulgoth as its current commander, while the recent Conquest 19 lists Felthius as being in command.[Needs Citation]

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