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This is a simple case of too many small articles, which should rather have been colected in a single well-written one. If you care to look at all the articles of the individual Phoenix lords, the individual Warrior Aspects, Exarch, etc you will realize that all these articles are simply too small, and that plenty of the information is repeated. We simply have too little information available. Unlike the famous 'original' Space Marine chapters.

I plan to write two well-organized articles and turn all the small articles into re-directs towards them. One for all the Warrior aspects (including the Rangers and the Pathfinders), and the other for all the Phoenix Lords (including their history and Ahra, the Fallen Phoenix). A good example of what I am planning is the the Path - article (Please read it, and then imagine how it would be if I had created a separate article for every single path and specialization - that is the problem here). Anyone who disagrees please leave a message here (or at my Userpage). If noone opposes I begin with the 'reformation of the articles' tomorrow?, after tommorrow?, Monday at the latest. Cheers Irulan 22:43, 29 March 2007 (CEST)

I for one don't think it wise to merge all of those articles... That's like saying we should merge all of the Imperial Guard units into one article. Each Aspect has its own page because it is an independent unit in the game and the Phoenix Lords are all independent characters and deserve a little more respect than being bunged in together with each other. Just my 2 pence.--Jonru 22:29, 29 March 2007 (CEST)
Ok, I can understand that. But the problem is that there is simple too little information for soo many articles. Some of them have mere four sentences. Hey, I never said I doing it without listening to everybodies opinion :). Irulan 22:43, 29 March 2007 (CEST)
I could see combining the Phoenix Lords into one page until there is enough information to warrant seperate pages. However, we will still have to have redirect pages for each one such as #redirect: Phoenix Lord#Karandras. The same could be done with Aspect Warriors. However, if you do this it should be done the same with Space Marines (i.e. a page Space Marines listing Tactical, Devastator, Assault Marines, Terminators, Scouts, etc.). These articles are 4 lines or less. The Lex' should be consistent. By the way, how many lines are needed to remove a "stub" tag? I would think that 3 lines would qualify to change a "stub" to an "incomplete" tag. And including all the known information would be enough to remove an "incomplete" tag, even if it is only 2 lines (i.e. "A planet in the Ultma sector. Fought over during the Ulixix Campaign"). --Rlyehable 19:38, 30 March 2007 (CEST)
Well, I completly agree that when (if at all) sufficient data apears the articles will be split up 'again'. Combining the many 'Marine articles' into fewer articles is a good idea but I am not very keen in doing two things at the same time. To be completly honest I simply don't use the stub or incomplete tags as I am not sure of the given parameters. What I don't like is that soo many separate articles exist with information being split up everywhere. What I really want is a good article about the Phoenix Lords (and another one for the Aspect Warriors). This article should present a good account of their history, importance, role on the battlefield, equipment, mythology, etc. Such articles are much easier to improve and if such an article grows 'too large' it is easier to split up the relativly personal information into seperate articles. A good example is the Caste System article. There instead of having 6 (or more) too small articles (one for each caste, and then another one for the rank system itself - which is more-or-less the case 'here') the information is collected and presented in an easy-to-see and easy-to-understand fashion. If plenty of information appears about the individual castes then a proper summary is left behind and personal caste information is migrated towards the individual Caste articles. This is what we need, this what the fan wants (in my own POV). Noone that I know of wants to look in half a dozen articles for scarce info. Instead of creating twenty articles better to create 7 better ones. Easier, simpler, quicker, better. Irulan 20:06, 30 March 2007 (CEST) PS: Just being honest. This is a honest discussion. I don't plan to do it no matter what.

Maybe one article for the history of the aspect warriors, and then another article detailing their roles on the field. Sliver Slave 01:56, 24 March 2008 (CET)