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New C'tan Names and Associated powers


  • Mephet'ran, the Deceiver - Grand Illusion, Swarm of Spirit Dust
  • Aza'gorod, the Nightbringer - Gaze of Death, Transdimensional Thunderbolt
  • Iash'uddra, the Endless Swarm - Swarm of Spirit Dust, Writhing Worldscape
  • Og'driada, the Arisen - Pyreshards, Sentient Singularity
  • Tsara'noga, the Outsider - Transdimensional Thunderbolt, Time's Arrow
  • Yggra'nya, the Shaper - Moulder of Worlds, Writhing Worldscape
  • Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One - Lord of Fire, Pyre Shards
  • Mag'ladroth, the Void Dragon - Entropic Touch, Sentient Singularity
  • Llandu'gor, the Flayer - N/A Destroyed

Names of all the c'tan from WD and their shards associated power.--Ashendant 14:29, 7 January 2012 (CET)

The Source is Tactica: Necrons in the WD385.(i don't have that source...)--Ashendant 19:42, 7 January 2012 (CET)