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Just so you know, I did in fact source this. I didn't add the actual footnote indicator above the text itself, but did add the source at the bottom, as that seemed to be the general style of this page anyway. I can garruntee that the information was correct, and from said source, as I have it open as I write this. Oh well. --PsykieKILLA 21:54, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

I removed Gheistos from the list. Gheistos is a Dead World, not to be confused with a Death World. Before it was dead, it was an Agri World. No mention of it ever having been a Death World. --Larchus 11:17 13 November 2015

  • Yes. Thank you. It was misunderstanding. I included information about it to the Dead World table. --- Darkelf77 13 November 2015, 18:53 (GMT+2)