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New title

I set the new title because it includes the latest known rank (as attained after rescuing Ko'vash), his caste, and his sept. Tealwisp 10:41, 12 August 2008 (CEST)

Claims that Fire Warrior took place prior to the Damocles Gulf Crusade

The events that took place on Dolumar IV in the novel Fire Warrior did not take place prior to the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

My evidence for this rests in four major points;

1) The ship utilized by the Tau in Fire Warrior was an Emissary-class Cruiser, which didn't actually see service until ~980.M41 with the rest of the Kor'or'vesh and was never sighted by the Imperium until the Dolumar IV incident itself.

2) Fire Warrior has tau during the Aun'chia'gor making direct reference to the closing of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

"'The gue'la grow more opportunistic with every rotaa. In the past tau'cyr alone there have been four major breaches of the Dal'yth Treaty and countless smaller operations and incursions into our space.'" - Fire Warrior, pg. 145

3) The Rail Rifle in its current, safer state is a product of extensive field testing and, as the codex states, has only "recently been authorized for issue to front-line units". Given that the latest codex is set somewhere during the Third Sphere Expansion (998.M41 - ???.M42), I'd say that La'Kais' upgraded (read: safe) Rail Rifle from Fire Warrior was not a product of Second-Sphere engineering.

4) Up to the Damocles Gulf Crusade, there was very little, if any interaction between loyal forces of the Imperium and the Tau Empire. Given that the Ultramarines in Fire Warrior were well-versed in the ways of the Tau and that Governor Severus even knew that stealing an Ethereal would affect the Tau in a significant way, this too detracts from the claim that Fire Warrior took place earlier than 745.M41.

Provided no one disagrees with any of the above points or finds some kind of evidence to the contrary in any form of Games Workshop media, I'm removing all traces of sentences stating the events on Dolumar IV happened before the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Doombringer126 04:47, 30 November 2008 (CET)

It's Shas'la T'au Kais, not Shas'ui

Shas'la T'au Kais failed his Trial by Fire, and was never promoted to the rank of Shas'ui.

"Lusha sighed. 'Because someone needed to know, Shas'ui. La'Kais is a hero.'" Fire Warrior, pg. 407.

This is the last time in the novel that Kais is referenced by another character in the book, on the second to last page, and Kais is clearly still a Shas'la.

Again, provided nobody has any evidence to the contrary, I'm changing this too...

Doombringer126 04:52, 30 November 2008 (CET)