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The Lost and the Damned are part of the forces of Chaos. They represent the more numerous, but less elite hordes of Chaos. Their numbers are made up of Chaos renegades, mutants and degenerated humans of the Daemon Worlds. They are usually led by an Arch-Heretic, or a powerful Chaos Marine who has left his Legion to pursue his own goals. Such powerful warriors rise quickly among the more backward planets within the Eye of Terror and gather warbands. They are revered as living gods by the mutant masses of these worlds.

Former Imperial Guard units that have turned to Chaos often make up large parts of Lost and the Damned armies. Due to these rebel forces, the Basilisk and Leman Russ Battle Tank vehicles can also be found among such armies.

The Blood Pact could be considered an exceptional Lost and the Damned army, being disciplined and highly motivated.

The army list for the Lost and the Damned appears on the games workshop website.


The bulk of a Lost and the Damned army is usually composed of mutants. Mutants are similar to Orks in abilities, however but to a lesser degree. They are capable of carrying weapons classed together as 'Firearms' (which represent anything from muskets to warp-technology weapons), or short range pistols. They can be placed into brood types: Normal, Bloated (Better chance of survival), Brawny (Stronger), Hypnotic and brightly coloured (Scarier) or multi-limbed/flying (Faster). They are normally considered as expendable, but in large numbers they can easily swamp most units in the game.


The Lost and the Damned army can include units of traitors to represent renegade Imperial Guardsmen that have joined the forces of Chaos. Along with squads of infantry, other Imperial Guard units can also be fielded, such as Rough Riders, Sentinels, Basilisks and Leman Russ battle tanks. They are described as being tainted by chaos, but haven't descended so far into madness that their skills are lost. Unlike their loyalist counterparts, they are not fielded in platoons, but have a larger squad size. They can also be equipped for close combat and are able to use their treachery to infiltrate themselves into a better position before the battle begins.


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