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So is this considered Canon? - DMalkin


Well. I also want to know it. As a matter of fact, I think we could consider it semi-canon and add information from WA with the appropriate banner - 'Infromation from Warhammer Adventures'.-Darkelf77
I wish it wasn't but it is. Probably treat it like we do with fanatic information.-Harriticus

Only issues I can currently see is that it's incredibly bad with certain lore, specifically mechanicus. Taken directly from the site: "A talented **Inventor**, eleven-year-old Mekki **created** the special robotic frame that supports his paralysed arm as well as the **Servo sprites**, a swarm of tiny robot helpers. (Basically giving an 11 year old fucking nanites?). Definitely need to have some sort of easy to see, extremely visible warning that any info quoted from WA is from WA. - DMalkin

Yes. He is certainly a techno-heretek :) -----Darkelf77