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Tallarn: Executioner (Novella)

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Tallarn: Executioner
Cover art by Neil Roberts.
Author John French
Performer Peter Wickham
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy
Released September 2013
Pages 123
Length 3 hours 58 minutes
Collected in Tallarn
Editions 2013 hardcover:
ISBN 9781849703741

Tallarn: Executioner is a limited-release novella written by John French and part of the Horus Heresy series. It describes the virus bombing of Tallarn and the beginning of the battle for that world.

Cover Description

As one of the Imperium's many staging grounds for the forces serving in the Great Crusade, the verdant world of Tallarn has long served as a transfer point for vast numbers of military personnel and their war machines. Now, destroyed by a deadly virus-bomb attack launched by the battered Iron Warriors fleet, the entire world is reduced to a toxic wasteland where the survivors must fight to defend what little remains of their home. The remnants of the once-mighty Jurnian 701st armoured regiment emerge from their underground shelters, and the opening movements of the Battle of Tallarn begin...[1]

Notable Characters

Imperial Army

  • Tahirah, Lieutenant, First Squadron commander, Amaranth Company, Jurnian 701st
  • Lachlan, Gunner, 111 Executioner Lantern
  • Makis, Driver, 111 Executioner Lantern
  • Vail, Loader, 111 Executioner Lantern
  • Udo, Sponson gunner, 111 Executioner Lantern
  • Genji, Sponson gunner, 111 Executioner Lantern
  • Hector, Corporal, commander, 112 Executioner Deathlight
  • Brel, Sergeant, commander, 113 (field attachment) Vanquisher Silence
  • Jallinika, Gunner, 113 (field attachment) Vanquisher Silence
  • Calsuriz, Driver, 113 (field attachment) Vanquisher Silence
  • Selq, Loader, 113 (field attachment) Vanquisher Silence
  • Rashne, Gunner/signaller, 114 (field attachment) scout vehicle Talon

Imperial Personae

  • Akil Sulan, Merchant prince of the Sapphire City


  • Jalen


Cover art


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