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Tanith War-Knife

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The Tanith War-knife (also known as "Straight Silver"[3a][3b]) is the standard melee weapon carried by Guardsmen of the Tanith First and Only regiment (the so-called "Gaunt's Ghosts").[1][3a][3d][4]


It is common sentiment among the regiment that their warknife is each Tanith's most treasured possession - to the point that dead Ghosts are buried with their knives where possible.[3c] Each Tanith knife is silver in colour, has a straight edge and is roughly 30 centimetres long.[3a][3c] In addition, the lasguns used by the Tanith First are designed with an attachment point so that the Tanith blade may be used as a bayonet.[1][2]

The Tanith are known to practice an unusual form of combat style involving their Tanith knives, to accommodate for the length and weight of the weapon.[1]

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