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The Tapferkeit are one of the four most numerous and powerful Ironhead Squat Prospector clans in Necromunda's north-western hemisphere.[1]


The clan's territories lie to the north of the ruins of Hive Secundus and they are led by the Charter Lord Vorgun Keitenson. The Tapferkeit are tinkers and miners without peer and of all Ironhead Squat clans, they are known for their engineering marvels and the exceptional quality of their weapons and wargear. Legend also has it. that it was the clan's ancestors who helped expand the first Hive Cities. If this is true, then it is no coincidence that the Necromagnium Underway - the great tunnel that links Necromunda's hemispheres - bears the maker's mark of the Tapferkeit on each of its mile-markers. Currently, the clan avoids contact with the other inhabitants of the Hive World, due to following the commands of their Charter Lord Keitenson.[1]


Tapferkeit is the German word for "bravery".