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Tarask Class Merchantman

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Tarask Class Merchantman[1]

The Tarask Class Merchantman are used by the Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus, PDFs, and countless Merchant Fleet guilds as well as pirates for the millennia. A stout, dependable light vessel with spacious cargo hold and a surprisingly simplistic design, the Tarask Class is versatile and can be easily maintained. However the ships prove easy prey for Ork pirates and renegades throughout the Galaxy. As a result they have sprouted numerous variants and modifications in the ongoing battle to stay one step ahead of their hunters.[1]

Notable Ships

  • Priano - During an interdiction of the Ruis System, the Priano came under assault by an Ork Kill Kroozer. Undaunted, the ship's captain rammed the massive Ork ship. Though the Priano was destroyed, the Kroozer was badly damaged and later hunted down by Imperial Navy Escort Squadrons. The suicidal act earned the ship's captain, Paris, a place in the vast Chamber of Heroes in the Imperial Palace on Terra.[1]


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