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Tarchese Malabreux

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Malabreux was the Captain of the Sons of Horus Legion's Catulan Reaver Squad, during the later years of the Siege of Terra.[1]


He took command after the losses the Catulan Reaver Squad suffered, during the Sons of Horus' failed assault underneath the Saturnine Gate. In its aftermath, fissures began to grow between those of the Legion who fell under the sway of First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon and those who stayed true to their Primarch, Horus. Malabreux was among those who not only followed Horus, but also worshiped the Primarch as if he was one of the Chaos Gods.[1]

During the final stages of the Siege, Malabreux led an assault that captured Rogal Dorn's own command center, the Bhab Bastion. Carrying the bloody banner of the fortress, by this point he was ignoring Abaddon's orders.[2]

After the defeat of Horus, Malabreux is able to evacuate back into orbit with the Vengeful Spirit and is part of the retreat from the Sol System under Abaddon. Abaddon remarks that Malabreux seems almost burnt out by the dark powers that had taken hold of him, and is unaware he is constantly weeping.[3]