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Tarellian Dog-soldier's head[2]

Tarellians, also called Tarellian Dog-Soldiers[2] (or "dog soldiers"[4]), are a minor reptilian species of alien found throughout much of the galaxy.[Needs Citation]


According to legends the Imperium virus-bombed a few of the Tarellians' worlds during the Emperor's Great Crusade.[4]

Name and physical description

Tarellians are called dog soldiers because of their long canine-like faces.[4] They are narrow-waisted, broad shouldered and a bit shorter than most humans.[4] Their fingers are described as clawed, and Tarellians are known to have knees and ribs.[4]


Their language is called Tarellian and is described as snarling, growling and barking.[4] They are also known to snap their jaws and show their teeth when threatening others.[4]

Known locations and encounters


The species first appeared in the 3rd edition rulebook (1998), where they are referred to as "Tarellian Dog-soldiers", as an example of "Other Dangerous Aliens".[2]

In Sons of the Hydra, Quetzel Carthach was said to have included xenos in his close circle of advisors.[5a] While Omizhar Vohk is the only confirmed advisor, Tarellians or members of the other xenos mercenaries Carthach used may have been included among them.


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