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Tarellian Dog-soldier's head[2]

Tarellians are a minor reptilian species of alien found throughout much of the galaxy. They are commonly known as Tarellian Dog-soldiers, because of their snouted faces and their habit of working as mercenaries. During the Great Crusade the Imperium virus bombed most of their home worlds, almost wiping the species out. For this reason they have a great grudge against the Imperium. The Tarellians have not been conquered by the Tau but are often found fighting as mercenaries in their armies, particularly when the war is against humans.[Needs Citation]

Physically, Tarellians are narrow-waisted, broad shouldered aliens that are slightly shorter than most humans, with long, snouted faces.[Needs Citation]

They once held the Mostar System, until their forces were defeated by the Brotherhood of a Thousand Chapter, in late M41.[3]

A Tarellian civilization was recently devoured by Hive Fleet Moloch during their advances from the galactic north and the Kiltor Sector.[1]


The species, where they are referred to as "Tarellian Dog-soldiers," first appeared in 3rd edition's rulebook, as an example of "Other Dangerous Aliens".