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Sergeant Tarkus

Tarkus is a Tactical Squad Sergeant in the Blood Ravens 4th Company. He is a veteran with over 150 years of experience in warfare, and is an expert tactician as well as a rock-solid second-in-command. Amongst his tactical marines, Tarkus is renowned for his confidence and steely demeanour in battle. Tarkus's native world is Calderis.[Needs Citation]


Tarkus was awarded Terminator Honours for his involvement in the assault on the Necron Catacombs of Kronus, where he and his squad repelled waves after waves of Necron forces to buy Captain Davian Thule time to plant the bomb that would end the Necron threat to the planet.[Needs Citation]

During the First Aurelian Crusade, Tarkus once again served alongside Captain Thule in his defence of Subsector Aurelia.[1]

The Penitent

Tarkus was once convinced by an Eldar Ranger to lead his squad straight into an ambush. The Ranger had approached him under the guise of a truce and had proposed they temporarily work together against their common enemy, the Orks.[Needs Citation]

Tarkus was the sole survivor of the ambush and has never forgiven himself for the deaths of his men. The fact that the deceitful Eldar Ranger escaped the fight also weighs upon him and kindles a deep hatred for the Eldar that has not lessened with time.[Needs Citation]


Tarkus wields a Standard Issue .998 Godwyn pattern Bolter in combat. He is also able to wield a MK IIIa "Heretic" Pattern Flamer, or a Plasma Gun.[1] During the Second Aurelian Crusade he was also able to wield a Meltagun.[2]

If Tarkus gains the Melee Aptitude trait he may equip a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. He can later wield a Power Sword if he gains the Power Sword Aptitude trait.[1]

Canon Conflicts

In the novelization of Dawn of War 2, Tarkus is last seen leading his squad on a boarding mission aboard the last Tyranid Hive Ship in orbit over Meridian. He and his men are outnumbered, and the clear implication is that all are killed by the Tyranids, though not before completing their mission and fatally wounding the ship.[3]

However, in the game series, there is no boarding mission aboard a Hive Ship[1], and Tarkus survives the Tyranid attack and continues to serve alongside Aramus in the campaign against the Black Legion.[2]