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Taryn Honan

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Taryn Honan was the titular head of the Honan industrial cartel on Pavonis.[1a]


Unlike the heads of any other of the major cartels, he was essentially a figurehead, having been stripped of any real authority. All his decisions were subjected to the approval of a committee of directors, who frequently overruled them.[1a]

This was explained by his own weak judgment: several of his past business ventures had failed, he had spent inordinate amounts of money on personal luxuries, and had allowed himself to be fleeced by a male courtesan who emptied Honan's credit account and then fled offworld. Honan resented these humiliations, and saw them as insufficient to justify the committee's distrust of him.[1a]

Inquisitor Ario Barzano, examining the dossiers of the cartel heads, summed Honan up as "a fat fool who... would have a hard time managing a room full of lobotomized servitors."[1b]

Honan saw the best way back to real power and wealth in obsequious support of Vendare Taloun and Kasimir De Valtos, the heads of two of the most powerful cartels. Holding the Honan cartel's seat in the Pavonis Senate, he seconded the other two's vote of no confidence in Governor Mykola Shonai.[1b]

Unknown to him, De Valtos used Honan's property as staging areas for various military stunts, leading up to a coup d'etat. This served to disguise the true mastermind of the subversion on Pavonis until it was too late. Honan was briefly detained and questioned by the Adeptus Arbites when rebel forces were discovered inside his property, but claimed ignorance.[1c]

Honan then traveled to De Valtos's estate, expecting his "friend" to commiserate with him on the humiliating treatment Honan had received. Instead, De Valtos stopped hiding his contempt for the other man and called him a weak-minded fool, before handing him over to "the Surgeon," a Dark Eldar Haemonculus allied with De Valtos.[1c]

Honan was tortured, and then combined with technology to form a grotesque cyborg. When the Ultramarines' Fourth Company stormed De Valtos's estate, Captain Uriel Ventris killed Honan to end his suffering[1d].

In the aftermath of Honan's death, his cartel fell into disarray[1e].