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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map tash'var.jpg Name Tash'var Tash'var Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe TashvarWarrior.jpg
Colours: Blue[2]

Tash'var is a Tau Sept founded during the Second Sphere of Expansion[1b].


Tash'var is a frontier sept that has been invaded and raided by a number of alien species, including Orks and pirates so its people became hardy and tenacious. Fire Warriors from Tash'var make the best Breacher Teams in the Tau Empire.[1b]

The Sept's inhabitants are known for their courage, practicality, and hardiness.[1b] They are also known to include the finest Razorshark pilots in the Tau Empire.[1a]

Sept Information

Sept Colours
Uniform Variations

Other information

The planet Tash'var is famous for its precious stones that are used when trading with other races.[3]



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