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Tau Equipment (List)

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List for Tau wargear and equipment, including Drones.

  • NOTE - this list does not include "named" wargear (ie character-specific wargear).


Broadside Battlesuits
Name Notes
Broadside Battlesuit - XV88 Standard pattern
Broadside Battlesuit - XV88-2 Variant - arm-mounted Railguns
Crisis Battlesuits
Name Notes
Crisis Battlesuit - XV8 Standard pattern
Iridium Battlesuit - XV8-02 Command variant - equipped with heavier armour
Crisis Battlesuit - XV81 Command variant - shoulder-mounted Smart Missile System
Crisis Battlesuit - XV84 Command variant - equipped with Markerlight and Target Lock
Enforcer Battlesuit - XV85 Command variant
Coldstar Battlesuit - XV86 Command variant
Crisis Battlesuit - XV89 Command variant - extra armour
Hazard Battlesuits
Name Notes
Hazard Battlesuit - XV9 Close Support Armour
Hazard Battlesuit - XV9-01 Variant - Fusion Cascades
Hazard Battlesuit - XV9-04 Variant - Phased Ion Guns
Stealth Battlesuits
Name Notes
Stealth Battlesuit - XV15 Original pattern
Stealth Battlesuit - XV22 Command variant
Stealth Battlesuit - XV25 Current pattern
Stealth Battlesuit - XV95 Ghostkeel Current pattern
Riptide Battlesuits
Name Notes
Riptide Battlesuit - XV104 Current pattern
R'varna Battlesuit - XV107 Experimental pattern
Y'vahra Battlesuit - XV109
Vanguard Battlesuits
Name Notes
Vanguard Battlesuit - XV46 Current pattern
Ballistic Suits
Name Notes
Stormsurge Ballistic Suit - KV128
Supremacy Armour - KX139

Wargear and Support

Name Notes
Advanced EM Scrambler Prototype[1]
Advanced Stabilization System Battlesuit support system
Advanced Targeting System Battlesuit Support System
Automated Repair System
Be'gel Hunter's Plate Armour
Blacksun Filter Battlesuit support system or Hard-wired
Bonding Knife
Combat Armour Armour
Command and Control Node Battlesuit support system/Special issue
Counterfire Defence System Battlesuit Support System
Cross-Linked Stabiliser Jets Prototype[1]
Decoy Launcher
Disruption Pod
Drone Controller Battlesuit support system or Hard-wired
DS8 Tactical Support Turret
Multi-Sensory Discouragement Array Special Issue
Early Warning Override Battlesuit Support System
Ejection System Special issue
Electrowarfare Suite Battlesuit system
Energy Shield Aircraft system
Failsafe Detonator Special issue
Field Amplifier Relay
Gravity Wave Projector Battlesuit Support System
Holophoton Countermeasures Battlesuit Support System
Homing Beacon Battlesuit Support System
Honour Blade Ethereals only
Humble Stave Ethereal relic
Iridium armour Special issue
KV126 Skyfire Platform Anti-aircraft platform[2]
KV129 Stormfury Platform Anti-aircraft platform[2]
Multi-tracker Battlesuit support system or Hard-wired
Multispectrum Sensor Suite
Networked Markerlight Battlesuit Support System
Neuro-empathic Nullifier Ethereal relic
Neuroweb System Jammer
Nim ko’nai Tau food rations
Nova Reactor Battlesuit powerplant
Ohr'tu's Lantern Markerlight
Onager Gauntlet
Point Defence Targeting Relay
Pol-hat Worn by Tau diplomats
Positional Relay Battlesuit support system/Special issue
Pulse Accelerator Battlesuit Support System
Puretide Engram Neurochip Biological enhancement
Recon Armour Armour
Remote Sensor Tower
Repulsor Impact Field
Riptide Shield Generator Support system for XV104 Battlesuit
Sceptre of Unity Ethereal relic
Sensor Spine
Shield Generator Battlesuit support system
Solid-Image Projection Unit Special issue
Stealth field generator
Stimulant Injector Special issue
Structural Analyser Scanner. It is now wielded only by El'Myamoto
Target Lock Battlesuit support system or Hard-wired
Targeting Array Battlesuit support system
Tissue Rebuilder Part of a Tau med-kit
Vectored Retro-Thrusters Battlesuit support system/Special issue
Vectored Manoeuvring Thrusters Special issue
Velocity Tracker Battlesuit Support System


Name Notes
Command-link Drone
Drone Sentry Turret
Earth Caste Builder Drone
Escort Drone
Exploratory Drone
Gun Drone
Guardian Drone
Grav-inhibitor Drone
Heavy Gun Drone
Hover Drone
Interceptor Drone
Marker Drone
Missile Drone Includes Shielded Missile Drones
Pulse Accelerator Drone
Recon Drone
Remora Drone Stealth Fighter
Shield Drone
Sniper Drone
Stealth Drone
Technical Drone

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