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Tau Merchant Fleet

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A Gal'leath Class Battleship of the Tau Merchant Fleet

The Tau Merchant Fleet is the state-owned mercantile armada of the Tau Empire.


In the early days of their space-borne expansion, the Tau made little distinction between trade and conquest. Their heavily-armed and armored trading vessels served them well in early conflicts, blazing a trail of expansion. However upon encountering the Imperium, the Tau were forced to modernize their vessels and build dedicated warships.[1]

Today, the older generation of Tau warships still serve within the Merchant Fleet. Merchant Fleet is composed of very few, slow, and well-equipped vessels. Each is equally capable of destroying the foe at a variety of ranges, relying on their formidable shields to keep the vessel intact while barrages of ordnance and torpedoes reduce the enemy to ruin.[1]

Vessels of the Tau Merchant Fleet

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