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Tau Weaponry (List)

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The Tau Empire and its allies such as the Kroot and Vespid utilize an array of high-tech weaponry:

  • NOTE - this list does not include "named" weapons (ie character-specific weapons).

Close Combat Weapons

Close Combat Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Dawn Blade Alien Weapon It is wielded by Commander Farsight
Equalizer Powered Weapons
Fusion Blade Farsight Enclaves weapon
Honour Blade Powered Weapons
Honour Staves
Paradox of Duality Staff with Protective field It is wielded by Aun'Va

Ranged Weapons

Basic Weapons

Tau Infantry Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Ion Rifle Ion Weapon
Longshot Pulse Rifle Plasma Weapon
Pulse Blaster Plasma Weapons
Pulse Carbine Plasma Weapons
Pulse Pistol Plasma Weapons
Pulse Rifle Plasma Weapons
Rail Rifle Rail Weapon
Kroot Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Kroot Bolt Thrower Projectile Weapons Great Knarloc mounted
Kroot Gun Projectile Weapons Krootox mounted
Kroot Hunting Rifle Projectile Weapons/Sniper
Kroot Rifle Projectile Weapons
Vespid Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Neutron Blaster

Battlesuit and Vehicle Weapons

Ranged Weapons (Heavy)
Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector Special issue
Amplified Ion Accelerator Ion Weapon Prototype[1]
Annihilation Warhead Destroyer Missile Warhead Prototype[1]
Burst Cannon Plasma Weapons
Cluster Rocket System Missile Launcher
Cyclic Ion Blaster Ion Weapons Special issue
Cyclic Ion Raker Ion Weapons
Destroyer Missiles Missile Launcher
EMP Discharge Cannon EMP Weapon
Flamer Flame Weapons
Flechette Discharger Projectile Weapons Vehicle Mounted
Fragmentation Cluster Shell Launcher Battlesuit mounted
Fusion Blaster Melta Weapons
Fusion Cascade Melta Weapons Experimental weapon
Fusion Collider Melta Weapons
Fusion Eradicator Melta Weapon
Fusion Obliterator Melta Weapon Prototype[1]
Gatling Burst Cannon Burst Cannon Prototype[1]
Grav-Inhibitor Field Experimental
Heavy Burst Cannon Plasma Weapons
Heavy Rail Rifle Rail Weapon
Heavy Railgun Rail Weapon Vehicle/ship-mounted
Heavy Rail Cannon Rail Weapon Battlesuit mounted
High-Capacitance Railgun Railgun Prototype[1]
High-Powered Incinerator Flame Weapon Prototype[1]
Ion Accelerator Ion Weapon
Ion Cannon Ion Weapons Vehicle Mounted
Missile Pod Missile Weapons
Nexus Missile System Missile Weapons
Magna Rail Rifle Rail Weapon Prototype[1]
Multi-Sensory Discouragement Array Sonic Weapon
Onager Gauntlet Close Combat Weapon Single prototype exists
Phased Ion Gun Ion Weapons Experimental weapon
Plasma Accelerator Rifle Plasma Weapons Experimental
Plasma Rifle Plasma Weapons
Pulse ARC Cannon
(aka Pulse blastcannon)
Plasma Weapons
Pulse Bomb Generator Plasma Weapons Aircraft Mounted
Pulse Driver Cannon Plasma Weapons
Pulse Submunitions Cannon Plasma Weapon Experimental
Pulse Ordnance Multi-Driver Plasma Weapons
Pulse Submunitions Rifle Plasma Weapons
Quad Ion Turret Ion Weapon Aircraft Mounted
Railgun Rail Weapon
Reactive Countermeasures Airbursting Fragmentation Projector Prototype[1]
Repulsor Impact Field Tractor Beam Single prototype exists
Seeker Missile Missile Weapons Vehicle Mounted/One shot
Seismic Destabiliser Experimental
Smart Missile System Missile Weapons
Supernova Launcher Experimental
Thermoneutronic Projector Experimental


Name Notes
Accelerated-Photon Grenade Prototype[1]
EMP grenade
Kles'tak Explosives Can be packed into the chassis of military drones
Phosphor Flare
Photon Grenade

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