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A Forgeworld Tauros

The Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicle is a sturdy all-terrain vehicle[1] and reliable workhorse,[8] that is used mainly on the frontier worlds[1] and hazardous outlands of the Imperium.[8]

They used by Explorator teams and even various brigands and renegades.[5] Some have been adapted to serve in specialised Imperial Guard Regiments, notably the Elysian Drop Troops.[1]


The Tauros employed by the Elysian drop regiments are further adapted to be lightweight and thus deployable from a Valkyrie. The standard Tauros is a 4x4 Groundcar operated by a driver and gunner and typically features either a dorsal mounted Heavy Flamer, or Tauros Grenade Launcher, though examples exist of Tauros armed with Autocannons and Heavy Bolters.[1][4][6][7]

The Elysian variant of the Tauros is lightweight and transported to the battle by Sky Talon Valkyries, which simply carry them with their magnetic clamps and release the Tauros with the two-man crew already on board. The Tauros is dropped the last short distance and the heavy impact compensated by the vehicle's reinforced shock absorbers. The vehicle may be dropped just in the centre of battle or, contrarily, behind the enemy lines for reconnaissance or 'hit-and-run' attacks. For these missions the Tauros will be fitted with extra equipment: weapon power packs, camouflage netting and hunter-killer missiles as well as supplies and crew weaponry. This allows Tauros squadrons to continue their mission for a long time without additional resupplying.[5]

All Tauros are equipped with Galvanic motor technology allowing them to press ahead even after taking damage to their traction.[1] Also, unlike most Militarum vehicles, a Tauros is not fitted with a standard multi-fuel engine, which is both dirty and loud and often gives away the vehicle's position. Galvanic motors on the other hand are driven by electrical power so only produce a soft humming noise.[5]

Tauros Venator

The Tauros Venator is a further modified version of the Tauros, the principle change being the replacement of the standard weapon mount with a twin-linked set of heavier weaponry such as Multi-Lasers. The increased energy reserves required to power the weapon requires the rear of the vehicle to be extended and an extra pair of wheels installed to maintain stability. These modifications prevent the Tauros Venator from being airlifted by a standard Valkyrie, instead relying on Sky Talon Valkyries, which are equipped to deal with heavy loads.[1][2]

The heavy weapons and high maneuverability of the Venator variant make it a favoured vehicle employed by the Elysians, who are often left without the heavy support needed to take on enemy armour after a grav-chute into enemy territory. They are also used in long-range scouting missions, as well as behind enemy lines where they are capable of operating for extended periods without resupply thanks to their galvanic systems.[2]

A Venator often includes a small, powered rear turret, where the twin-linked Multi-lasers are located; these draw power from the vehicle's many auxiliary galvanic cells. The multi-lasers can be replaced by a pair of twin-linked Lascannons, with each squadron generally utilising one lascannon-armed anti-tank vehicle for every two with standard armament. Drop regiments have also been known to adapt the Venator with two hunter-killer missiles mounted on the additional hard points.[5]

Tauros Venator ATV

An Enforcer variant known as the Tauros Venator ATV, is used by the Palanite Enforcers of Necromunda. The rugged and nimble ATVs are of great use in patrolling the Hive World's desert wastelands and their turrets can be mounted with either twin Heavy Stubbers or twin Concussion Cannons.[8]



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