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Imperial Guard Taurox

The Taurox is an armored personnel carrier of the Imperial Guard.


The Taurox APC is a robust vehicle that holds ten soldiers and can bear a wide array of heavy weapons. The vehicle's thick armored plates, quad tracks, and supercharged engine allow it to go nearly anywhere, hurtling across ruined cities and rubble-strewn wastelands with equal speed. The standard Taurox is armed with twin-linked Autocannons mounted on either its sides or turret and a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter.[1]

The Taurox is slightly less robust than the Chimera APC, but this is made up for with its speed thanks to its 'Castellan' quad-tracks. The Taurox’s mobility is so reliable that Imperial Guard commanders often choose to bring them on long campaigns that range across multiple war fronts. Whether their regiment ends up fighting inside a hive, jungles, or open plain. the Taurox will perform its duty. The Taurox’s capacity to punch through seemingly impossible terrain also makes it an ideal counterattack asset. Imperial Guard commanders will often hold back squads of heavy infantry in Taurox APCs, throwing them in to halt enemy assaults before the foe can build momentum.[2]

Taurox Prime

The Taurox Prime is a more heavily armed infantry assault version of the Taurox used by Tempestus Scions. The Taurox Prime is used as an ideal shock weapon, moving through seemingly impossible terrain and smashing into enemy strongholds to launch lightning strikes. Due to the complexities of their missions the Taurox Prime can be armed with a variety of heavy weapons including a Taurox Battle Cannon, twin-linked Taurox Gatling Cannons, Hotshot Volley Guns, and Autocannons, or a Taurox Missile Launcher.[1]



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