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Taurus's Knight, the Honour Intractable

Taurus is a Knight of House Terryn. A Baron of the Exalted Court, the Gatekeeper is tasked with the solemn duty of protection. As per time-honoured custom, his tilting shield bears the crossed bars sign of the saltire or ‘x’ symbol, meaning guardianship or defence. The current Gatekeeper of House Terryn is Taurus, pilot of the Errant suit Honour Intractable. To him falls the sacred honour of defending the strongholds of Voltoris, a tradition that stretches back to the Long Night.[1]

Long ago it was realized that it mattered little if Knights marched out to protect their world only to return to find their strongholds in ruin. Without the irreparable equipment and mechanisms of the Chamber of Echoes and the Sanctuary, no new Rituals of Becoming could take place, nor could Knights be repaired. Taurus was tasked with assuring that the stronghold of Furion Peak would forever welcome back the Knights of House Terryn.[1]