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Tay'ama is a Tau Fireblade from the Tau Empire Sept World Vior'la and was among its forces that conquered the Imperial Hive World Khollorn VII. However when Vior'la began pacifying Khollorn VII's population, the Sept World's Fire Warriors were attacked by Genestealer Cultists that emerged from beneath the Hive World's surface. Singing the praises of their Patriarch, the Reaverlord Crucius, the Cultists quickly surrounded the surprised Fire Warriors and began butchering them. Unable to retreat, the Fire Warriors fell to disorder, but amidst the massacre Tay'ama was able to rally a number of survivors to him and then led them in a hunt for the Reaverlord's lair. Using the geothermal scans provided by recon drones, Tay'ama's warriors discovered the Reaverlord's lair and killed the Patriarch, with barrages of pulse fire. The Reaverlord's death caused the Genestealer Cultists' attacks, to lose all cohesion and Vior'la's forces were able to drive them back underground, where they were destroyed by magmatic pulse-bombs. However nearly all of Tay'ama's group of warriors died, while fighting the Reaverlord and it is not known if Tay'ama survived the attack.[1]