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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Adeptus Mechanicus rank; for the Novel by Rob Sanders, see Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest (Novel).

A Tech-priest is an adept of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are the members of the Cult Mechanicus, a priesthood which forms a hierarchy of technicians, scientists, and religious leaders. The Tech-priests provide the rest of the Imperium with its technicians and engineers.

A Tech-priest.

Though their bodies often incorporate many mechanical components, Tech-priests are human or abhuman[17], unlike the slave-machine Servitors which carry out all the heavy and monotonous labour for them.


Tech-Priests are Adepts of the Cult Mechanicus. The premiere engineers and technological specialists in the Imperium, they accompany nearly every branch of the Imperium to maintain machinery. Tech-Priests will provide religious rites, anti-corruption wards, and repairs to Machine Spirits to any machine they are qualified to oversee.[5]

The term ‘Tech-Priest’ covers a thousand different roles. Genetors probe the mysteries of the biological, creating ever stranger cyborgs and slaughtering xenos by the thousand in order to excise yet more secrets. Artisans create and restore truly wondrous weapons of war, from ornate gamma pistols to the mind-boggling immensity of the Ark Mechanicus. Magi of all stripes pursue esoteric agendas as likely to end in triumph as they are disaster. Across the galaxy Transmechanics, Lexmechanics, Enginseers, Secutors, Trifactors, Myrmidons and Technoshamans labor alongside the wider Imperium to bolster Humanity’s war machine. Within the Adeptus Mechanicus the ranks become even more esoteric. Each Fabricator Locum can call upon Magi Technicus, Metallurgicus, Alchemys, Cogitatrices, Pedanticum, Tech-assassins, hive monitors and Holy Requisitioners, who in turn can command a body of fabricators minoris, Fulgurites, Corpuscarii, overseers, underseers, stasis clerks, and techno-dervishes. To even begin to comprehend the towering edifice of the Cult Mechanicus takes far more processing power than the human brain can provide.[5]

Tech-Priests are often fast-grown in vats, infused with a instinctual level of knowledge due to data uplinks during their gestation. Members are born already post-adolescence and are promptly put to work.[8]


The personal equipment and wargear of a Tech-Priest varies greatly and can consist of anything from standard weaponry to more exotic pieces of Archaeotech. However typical wargear includes their Mechadendrites and an Omnissian Axe which acts as a badge of office. Tech-Priests of militant orders such as a Dominus are equipped with more radical weaponry such as Eradication Rays, Macrostubbers, Phosphor Serpenta, and Volkite Blasters. They are also typically protected by a Refractor Field.[9a] Standard Tech-Priest Enginseers are equipped with less exotic weapons, such as a Laspistol and Servo-arms.[9b]


The Tech Priest hierarchy


Every Forge World maintains a ruling Fabricator-General and his subordinate Fabricator Locum.[5] However it is the Fabricator-General of Mars that is the leader of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and as the Magos Mechanicus is also the head of its Cult Mechanicus. He also invariably holds a position on the High Lords of Terra. Accordingly his subordinate and second-in-command is the Fabricator Locum of Mars.[1][2]

The Ruling Priesthood

The Ordinary Priesthood

Known Tech-Priests


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