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Tectora IV Campaign

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The Tectora IV campaign was waged by the Astra Militarum forces of Lord Castellan Ursula J. Creed against the rebellious Imperial world Tectora IV.[1]


It began, when the Great Rift's creation caused Noctis Aeterna, which left Tectora IV isolated from the Imperium. Contact was later reestablished, when the Imperium began to reclaim the world's Sector and Tectora IV was expected to begin providing its tithes once more. Tectora rebellious Planetary Governor refused to do so, though, and this led Lord Castellan Ursula J. Creed's Astra Militarum forces to invade Tectora, in order to restore the Imperium's rule there. Tectora IV's cities then began falling one by one to her attacks and months later, Ursula had led her forces to the Void Shield protected walls of the world's capital Redemption City. She planned to conquer it in a carefully laid out plan, that would bring an end to the Governor's rebellion, but this was nearly ruined by Ursula's officer, Lord General Pyoter Valk.[1]

Valk did not have much respect for the Lord Castellan, due to believing that Ursula was not worthy of the title, and he had also grown tired of her long drawn out battle plans. This led the Lord General to disregard Ursula's orders and lead his Cadian 3rd Armoured Infantry to a closer position to Redemption City's walls. By doing so, Valk would be the first to attack the capital and would pave an opening for the rest of the Lord Castellan's forces to follow. In his mind, Valk's attack would allow the Astra Militarum to retake the capital in hours compared to the weeks he suspected Ursula's plans would require. When this was noticed by the Lord Castellan's command staff they notified her and she quickly made contact with Valk. She then ordered the Lord General to return the Cadian 3rd to the position her battle plans had laid out for them. While he at first tried to convince Ursula of the merits to his attack, when she still refused Valk began criticizing the Lord Castellan's command of her forces.[1]

He stated that more direct attacks could have ended the campaign in half the time and that Ursula's Father would have understood Valk's actions. The Lord Castellan did not rise to the bait, and become angry, as she in fact knew there were other officers who felt the same way as the Lord General about about her battle plans. Instead Ursula remained calm and reminded Valk that her Father failed to defend Cadia, during the 13th Black Crusade and once more ordered the Lord General to return to his position before breaking contact with him. Valk reluctantly did so and soon her attack commenced with an artillery barrage on the capital. When the City's Void Shields collapsed, its population Voxed their surrender to the Astra Militarum. The campaign to retake Tectora IV had long ago driven away its population's desire for rebellion and the Planetary Governor's vainglorious last stand was ended by them. The Governor's severed head was then tied to a white flag, that was raised above the capital during their surrender and Tectora IV was once more in the Imperium's control. This also aided in Despite Lord General Valk's misgivings, the Lord Castellan had secured victory before dusk broke on the day of her attack on Redemption City. Her success there, also set the Imperium's forces on the path of reclaiming Tectora IV's Sector as well.[1]