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Teghar Pentaurus

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Teghar Pentaurus Unknown.jpg
Affiliation: Imperium [1]
Tithe Grade:

Teghar Pentaurus is a world of the Imperium.[1]

During the Great Crusade, Sanguinius led the IXth Legion to the world shortly after assuming command of it. Fighting for his Legion's loyalty and recognition during the battle against the fell Abhuman hordes of Teghar, Sanguinius gave his own blood in the maelstrom of combat. In the war, he witnessed the bloodlust and hunger for flesh that his sons carried.[1]

It was on this world that Sanguinius first met his Legion and delivered a speech, promising that they would together learn what the Legion would become. It was also the first battle they fought together. [2]

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