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Telekinesis is a Psychic Discipline. Psykers who utilize Telekinesis are known as Telekines and are able to manipulate the material world with the power of their minds, converting their mental energies into a physical force. These Psykers can lash at their foes with psychic energy, erect invisible force fields, and rend apart the fabric of reality itself.[1]


  • Assail: The Psyker lifts a boulder or heavy object from the ground and hurls it towards his enemies.
  • Crush: The Psyker entraps his foes in a choking and crushing mass of force capable of grinding enemies to powder.
  • Gate of Infinity: The Psyker enters a corridor of the Immaterium, allowing him to cross great distances in the Materium in the blink of an eye.
  • Objuration Mechanicum: The Psyker jams the weapons and engines of his enemies.
  • Shockwave: The Psyker slams his palms together and the noise is magnified a hundredfold, creating a devastating shockwave.
  • Telekine Dome: The Psyker erects a barrier of shimmering mental energy around himself that can deflect bullets and blows.
  • Vortex of Doom: The Telekine opens a tear between the material realm and the Warp, unleashing energies that consume any nearby foe.