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Telemachon Lyras

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Telemachon Lyras

Telemachon Lyras[1] (originally known as Telemachon Lyral)[2a] was a swordmaster, one of the founders of the Black Legion, and a primary lieutenant to Ezekyle Abaddon.[1]


Lyras was the Captain of the Emperor's Children 51st Company and was originally born on Terra. During the Horus Heresy, he served in the Honour Guard of Eidolon and was present on Ullanor during the muster of traitors there by Horus' order.[4]

After the Horus Heresy and falling to the temptations of Slaanesh Lyras became the second-in-command of a warband led by Kadalus Orlantir that consisted of the Emperor's Children's 16th, 40th, and 51st Companies. Captaining the warship Threat of Rapture, Lyras took part in an assault by Kadalus on the forces of Falkus Kibre, Lheorvine Ukris, and Iskandar Khayon. During the fight, Lyras was badly injured by Khayon and captured as the trio escaped Kadalus' forces.[2a]

Afterwards aboard the Thousand Sons vessel Tlaloc, Lyras was healed by the Dark Eldar captive of Khayon, Nefertari, who he quickly fell in love with despite Khayon's plans to use her to torture him viciously. Instead, the torture only furthered Lyras' love for her. Ultimately, Telemachon defected to the side of Ezekyle Abaddon and aided them in the Battle of Harmony. Following the battle with a clone of Horus, Lyras continued to serve as a lieutenant to Abaddon, becoming the Herald of the Warmaster.[2b] He would be rewarded in his service with shards of the sword of Sanguinius, which he reforged into a mask resembling his face before its mutilation. [3a]

Following the formation of the Black Legion, Lyras became the Lord of the Shrieking Masquerade, a warband of Chaos Raptors. Lyras became more and more twisted and began to express a degree of disdain for Iskander Khayon. At the same time, his infatuation with Nefertari only grew.[3b]

During the 7th Black Crusade Lyras was a key Black Legion commander alongside Khayon and Abaddon himself and took part in nearly destroying the Blood Angels Chapter on the planet Mackan.[1]