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Teleportation is the technological or psychic ability to move an object from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, completely bypassing the intervening distance. It is used by a variety of armies and units including Imperial Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine Terminators and Eldar Warp Spiders.


Imperial Technology

Imperial teleporters are massive devices built into spacecraft and buildings, and require considerable power supplies. The military use of teleporters is to place combat squads directly into battle from ships in orbit. Safety devices built into the teleporter prevent the possibility of squads fatally materializing into solid matter. Objects more than twice man-height couldn't be teleported and any attempted to do it always cause a malfunction. Also, teleportation can "penetrate" only limited amounts of solid matter (nearly 5 meters) and always need a straight line. This issue is why teleportation from planet to planet is not possible - the curvature of the planet imposes a significant blocking thickness.[3] It is known though that teleportation through big mass of solid object could be implemented though with a great risk to appear inside a matter or far from the target.[4]


Teleport homers are incorporated into the behemoth Terminator armour, allowing Terminator squads to teleport directly into the midst of their enemies. Teleportation is used both by Imperial Space Marines and their Chaos counterparts. The ship-based teleporter devices used by the Terminators are maintained by Astropaths. Using their psychically gifted minds, they allow the Terminators a brief moment of safe passage by shifting certain aspects of the warp. Some, mainly the members of the Ordo Malleus, have shown scorn for the idea of using the Warp to allow the troops of the Imperium the ability to teleport. However, none can criticize the vast number of battles the Imperium has won due to this ability.[Needs Citation]

A notable Imperial commander who advocates Terminator teleportation attacks is Captain Darnath Lysander of the Imperial Fists Chapter, who is known to lead his men at the forefront of the attacks performed by the Imperial Fists from the Phalanx, the Imperial Fists' massive space-borne Fortress-monastery.[1]

Terminator Teleportation technology can be dangerous and unreliable, such as there being a risk of a user being fused into the structure of their intended location.[8]


Chaos Space Marine Obliterators are able to make use of teleportation as well as Chaos Space Marines Terminators. This is most likely the same technology that has been in use by the Traitor Legions since the Horus Heresy.[4]

It is generally unknown why Obliterators are able to teleport, as much about these bizarre creatures is shrouded in mystery, but considering their probable ties to the Dark Mechanicus and their theoretical past lives as Techmarines[2] for their former legions, the ability to teleport into battle should not be too far fetched, as it can be assumed that they integrated systems into themselves that allowed for such action.[4]

Warp Spiders

Eldar Warp Spiders make tactical use of a warp jump generator allowing them to utilize the warp to immediately engage or escape enemies quickly. The Eldar use these troops in a similar fashion to jump-troops of other races, but their ability to literally materialize out of nowhere and attack with little to no forewarning is invaluable to Eldar commanders and a nightmare to opposing tacticians.[7]

Veil of Darkness

Main article: Veil of Darkness

Necron Lords can use the Veil of Darkness to teleport across the battlefield.[6]


Main article: Ork Tellyportas

Orks also make use of teleportation technology, either as personal devices or as huge Tellyporta Platforms able to teleport even Stompas in and around the battlefield.[5]

Teleport Crests

Used by the Leagues of Votann.[9]

Teleporter Worm

Used by the Tyranids[10].

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