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Segmentum Tempestus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Galactic segment; for the other uses, see Tempestus (disambiguation).
Galactic map of Segmentum Tempestus

The Segmentum Tempestus is one of the Segmentums, divisions of the Galaxy, of the Imperium. Its Segmentum Fortress is located at Bakka.[3] The Segmentum is roughly organized into 200 light-year cubes, each of which is designated as a Sector. Free from much of the Chaos-related problems of the Imperium such as invasions from the Eye of Terror or Maelstrom, Segmentum Tempestus instead suffers from Xenos invaders and raiders.[4]

Notable Planets

Notable Other Celestial Objects

Notable Sectors

Notable Systems

Other Segmentums