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Templars of Blood

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Templars of Blood
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Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1]
Colours: Red and white[1]

The Templars of Blood are a Space Marine Chapter, descended from the Blood Angels.[1]


Like their parent chapter, they pride themselves on their ability to meet the enemy head-on. Known to employ large numbers of flexible Tactical Squads, they do deviate from their predecessor by not organizing any Death Company.[1]

Those that succumb to the Black Rage are abandoned, left to fend for themselves in combat. Chaplains of the chapter closely monitor its Battle-Brothers, and if any hint of the rage is detected they are stripped of all their wargear save for a knife and their Power Armour. Should this disgraced warrior survive his next battle, his Captain is honour-bound to cleanly execute him after a prayer is given to Sanguinius and the Emperor. Because of these policies, the number of those who succumb to the Black Rage is lower when compared to other Successor Chapters of the Blood Angels.[1]

Known Campaigns

Notable Members

  • KristoffCaptain of the 3rd Company and many centuries old. He is highly fatalistic and a strong believer in omens, specifically believing that the number three holds special significance in the eyes of the Emperor. He is a veteran of two tours of service in the Deathwatch.[1]

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