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Template:Imperial Vehicles

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Vehicle Name: {{{Vehicle Name}}} Main Armament: {{{Main Armament}}}
Forge World of Origin: {{{Forge World of Origin}}} Secondary Armament: {{{Secondary Armament}}}
Known Patterns: {{{Known Patterns}}} Traverse: {{{Gun Traverse}}}
Crew: {{{Crew}}} Elevation: {{{Gun Elevation}}}
Powerplant: {{{Powerplant}}} Main Ammunition: {{{Main Ammunition}}}
Weight: {{{Weight}}} Secondary Ammunition: {{{Secondary Ammunition}}}
Length: {{{Length}}}
Width: {{{Width}}} Armour
Height: {{{Height}}}
Ground Clearance: {{{Ground Clearance}}} Superstructure: {{{Superstructure Armour}}}
Fording Depth: {{{Fording Depth}}} Hull: {{{Hull Armour}}}
Max Speed - on road {{{Max Speed - on road}}} Gun Mantlet {{{Gun Mantlet Armour}}}
Max Speed - off road: {{{Max Speed - off road}}} Vehicle Designation: {{{Vehicle Designation}}}
Transport Capacity: {{{Transport}}} Firing Ports: {{{Fire Ports}}}
Access Points: {{{Access Points}}} Turret: {{{Turret Armour}}}

Stuff to be copied

{{Imperial Vehicles
|Vehicle Name=
|Forge World of Origin=
|Known Patterns=
|Ground Clearance=
|Fording Depth=
|Max Speed - on road=
|Max Speed - off road=
|Main Armament=
|Secondary Armament=
|Gun Traverse=
|Gun Elevation=From
|Main Ammunition=
|Secondary Ammunition=
|Turret Armour=
|Superstructure Armour=
|Hull Armour=
|Gun Mantlet Armour=
|Vehicle Designation=
|Fire Ports=
|Access Points=