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Template:Portal Linkbox

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This is the {{Portal Linkbox}} a helper template used to creat portal link boxes.

The graphics for each portal box are loaded from 2 subtemplates:

  • "Template:Portal Box Head Styles/Portal:PORTAL NAME" for the icon holder table cell
  • "Template:Portal Box Styles/Portal:PORTAL NAME" for the text table cell


Usage example:

{{Portal Linkbox|Chaos|Chaos.png}}

Box variant example:

{{Portal Linkbox|Space Marines|Darkangelslogo.png|Dark Angels}}


List of all parameters:

{{Portal Linkbox
|Portal Name
|Image name

Portal Name

Provides both the target for the link and the path for the sub-templates containing the extra css styles

Image name

Name of the file to be used in the box, will be resized to a max width/height of 45×43 pixels. Doesn't have to be surrounded by [[]] or preceded by File:


Optional parameter for template variants, the page title that holds the main informations about that variant.