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Template:Traitor Founding Legions

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This template should be used for the nine founding Space Marine Legions who turned to Chaos (Black Legion, World Eaters, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Night Lords, and Alpha Legion.)


{{Traitor Founding Legions
|Current Banner=
|Banner caption=
|Legion Number=
|Homeworld Pre-Heresy=
|Homeworld Current=
|Chaos God=
|Battle Cry=


Mandatory parameter, the name of the described founding legion.
Current Banner
Filename of the current legion symbol, no [[File:]] necessary.
Banner caption
Legion Number
Mandatory parameter, the progressive number associated to this legion.
Mandatory parameter, the name of the Primarch of the legion, wrap it in [[]] if a page is present.
Homeworld Pre-Heresy
Name of the original homeworld, wrap it in [[]] if a page is present.
Homeworld Current
Name of the current homeworld, usually a Daemon World, wrap it in [[]] if a page is present.
Chaos God
The Chaos God the legion is devoted to, could be a minor one, or Chaos Undivided as well.
the main Chaos Champion of the faction aside from the Primarch
A brief (but somewhat complete) description of the legion heraldry or recurring scheme.
The Legion specialties and traits.
Battle Cry
The official battle cry.
List of known warbands and splinter factions

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