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Collapsible Template

  • Over in Lexicanum:Immaterium I've modified this template so the whole thing is now collapsible. It has gotten large enough to where it takes up more space on a page than the article it is placed in. Having it collapsible could make the pages look a little tighter. Any thoughts/opinions on making the change for this template? If it works well enough, perhaps it could be added to some of the larger templates as well.Odinsgrudge 04:14, 24 August 2014 (CEST)

Hi, I have implemented something similar on

Modern Space Marine Fleet
Battleships Battle Barge
Cruisers Strike CruiserVanguard Class
Escorts Gladius ClassNova ClassHunter ClassRapid Strike Vessel
Attack Craft ThunderhawkStormravenStorm Eagle(Fire Raptor) • Storm TalonStormhawkOverlordNephilimDark TalonStormfangStormwolfCorvus BlackstarCaestus Assault Ram
Transports Thunderhawk TransporterLanding CraftDrop Pod
but I had to hack the caption tag into a normal tag with lots of styles to get it to be the same as the rest. Collapsing tables is definitely a good thing for the reasons you mention. Perhaps we should come up with a standard format header while we are at it? (although obviously it depends on the background colour)--Jonru 09:32, 25 August 2014 (CEST)