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Temple of All Knowledge

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The Temple of All Knowledge is a sacred site of the Adeptus Mechanicus that is located on their homeworld of Mars. Its creation came shortly after the establishment of the Cult Mechanicus in the Age of Strife and the newly formed Tech-Priests scoured the surface of ruined Mars, with any technology being enshrined within this temple. Its plasteel shell contains shining pistons that hold a vaulted roof which stands almost a mile above them. The construction of the pistons allows them to raise or lower the roof to allow adherents to change the acoustic properties within the temple, which allows worshipers to better attenuate their hymms as they sing their praise to the Machine God.[1a]

During the early history of the Mechanicus, the Sol system was engulfed by Warp Storms that prevented any expedition from departing the area. However, during times when the storms weakened, expeditions were launched consisting of Titan Legions. Some of these expeditions would be lost and the Warp storms prevented contact with others. In some cases, relatively calm yet broken reports were transmitted to the Temple of Knowledge. These contained reports from the newly created Forge Worlds that detailed recovered machines, new discoveries or requests for aid.[1b]

During the rise of the Imperium of Man, the Emperor came to Mars where he was worshiped as the Machine God Incarnate. Whilst most of the Cult Mechanicus followed him, some of the senior Magi resented his arrival as it threatened their power base. This led to a small band of malcontents rebelling and forcibly taking control of the Temple of All Knowledge where they urged the Tech-Priests to rise against the Emperor. However, the rebellion was defeated in a short but bloody conflict, and the Martian Priesthood become disciples of the Emperor of Man.[1c]

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