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Temple of Shades

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The Temple of Shades was a Chaos construct. Torn from the surface of a Daemon World within the Eye of Terror, the daemonically inverted temple was capable of acting as a anchor between the Materium and Warp. During the Achyllan Atrocity, Crimson Slaughter Sorcerer Lord Severin Drask intended to use the Temple to extinguish the sun of the Achyllan System and create a Warp Rift that would allow Abaddon the Despoiler to threaten Terra itself. As a result, a Officio Assassinorum Execution Force was dispatched to Achyllan Prime to eliminate Drask, who had managed to teleport the Temple there with him.[1]

After Drask was killed by the Execution Force, Tzeentch withdrew his support from the entire affair and the Temple of Shades shattered.[2]