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Ten Thousand Eyes

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Ten Thousand Eyes
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Origin: Fallen Angels[1a]
Leader: Seraphax[1a]
Chaos Dedication:

The Ten Thousand Eyes are a large Chaos Warhost, that was led by the Fallen Angel Sorcerer Lord, Seraphax.[1a]


Due to Seraphax's leadership and the Warhost's might, the Ten Thousand Eyes control several worlds within the Imperium Nihilus.[1c] Among their forces is the Dolorous Guard, which serve as Seraphax's bodyguards[1a], and the Beastmen warband Battalion of the Broken Horn.[1f]

When it was discovered that Lion El'Jonson had returned on Camarth to defeat a host of Ten Thousand Eyes Space Marines, Seraphax sought to capture the Primarch and use him for his own plans to turn the Emperor into a warp deity. In the subsequent battle on Sable, Seraphax captured the Lion but was foiled by The Risen as well as a betrayal by his lieutenant Baelor.[1e]

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