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Tenebrus, the Hand of Abaddon, is a Black Legion Sorcerer, who had command of the forces of Chaos during the Battle of Gathalamor.[1] Tenebrus is heavily mutated, which leads some like Kor Phaeron to speculate that he takes too much from the Chaos Gods and gives too little.[2a]

Holding together the fragile alliance of Black Legion, Word Bearers, and Iron Warriors on Gathalamor, the scheming Tenebrus in truth sought only the Ring of Bucharis for its ritualistic power. Once the ring was recovered and the Chaos Bone Cannon it powered disabled, Tenebrus fled Gathalamor with his new acolyte Tharador Yheng and the ring in hand. He did not see the battle as particularly important, instead merely being the first step to slaying a god.[2]

Tenebrus later was seen initiating contact with the Word Bearers under Kor Phaeron himself. Kor Phaeron informed Tenebrus of a child who if awoken could bring ruin to the servants of Chaos. Tenebrus vowed to find the child at all cost.[2a] To do this, he and Word Bearers allies under Xhokol Hruvak and Pridor Vrakon gather sacrifices from the Black Ships in order to summon Kairos Fateweaver. However one head of the Lord of Change proclaimed he was bestowing a gift to Tenebrus, while his other head stated it was a curse for his insolence. Tenebrus fell to the ground as Fateweaver vanished.[2b] He next consumed a potion of his newly cursed flesh in order to allow himself to enter the mind of a Cultist on the world of Srinagar, coming to learn that the Star Child may be born within the system.[2c] During the subsequent Battle of Srinagar, Tenebrus and Yheng reached the interior of the Astropathic relay station where he accessed the minds of Astropaths before using his own Athame acquired from Kor Phaeron to leave.[2d]

According to Inquisitor Rostov, Tenebrus may not be the real Hand of Abaddon despite bearing the title.[2e]