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Terminal Overkill (Novel)

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Terminal Overkill
Author Justin D. Hill
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda (Novel Series)
Released September 2019
Pages 384

Terminal Overkill is a novel by Justin D. Hill

Cover Description[1]

In the polluted, sprawling hive cities of Necromunda, life is short. From the decadent heights of the Spire to the murderous deeps of the underhive, those on the climb must be bold and brutal, or face a violent end.

When the barbarous Fettnir, Goliath overlord of the Chemfall Butchers, turns his attention to Escher territory, the result is nothing short of a massacre. Brielle of the Wild Hydras escapes the slaughter and is cast into the deepest levels of the underhive. Determined to avenge her family, Brielle vows that she will end those responsible, but to reach Fettnir and the bounty hunter who murdered her mother, she must first survive...and the darkness is full of horrors.

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