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Terrax Guard

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Terrax Guardsman[2]

The Terrax Guard is an Imperial Guard Regiment from the world of Terrax. Grenadiers trained to the highest standards, the Terrax Guard have been compared to being almost an entire regiment of Commissars.[1]

Recruitment & Training

Terrax is the site of a major Schola Progenium facility, the Schola Excubitos, which trains Storm Troopers and Commissars. The Schola Excubitos also provides training for the tithed regiments raised on Terrax, where their rigorous and effective training methods have resulted in the Terrax Guard being well known for their excellent and rigid discipline.[1]

Battle Style

The Terrax Guard include large numbers of Storm Trooper squads and Commissars.[1]

Appearance & Uniform

All soldiers of the Terrax Guard are equipped with carapace armour for better protection against enemy attacks.[1]

Weapons & Equipment

The Terrax Guard prefer the Meltagun as their squad special weapon and Lascannons as heavy support weapons.[1]

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