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Thalastian Jorus

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Thalastian Jorus was a Reclusiarch in the Blood Angels Chapter, who led a Death Company during the 7th Black Crusade; where he fought with his battle-brothers on the planet Mackan, against Abaddon and the Black Legion. The ensuing battle was disastrous for the Blood Angels and resulted in the near extinction of the Chapter at the Black Legion's hands - save for Jorus who spent weeks evading the Legion, as he struggled to keep the remains of his Death Company under control. Later when Abaddon and his Legion had let their guard down, Jorus led his crazed warriors in an attack behind enemy lines. The Legion was caught unprepared and many of Abaddon's Honour Guard were butchered in the attack, with Jorus able to lock blades with the Despoiler himself and managing to deal him wounds he still bears to this day. Though surprise was on their side, the Legion had the superior numbers and Jorus and his Death Company were killed. After the Black Crusade had ended, the remains of the Blood Angels were found on Mackan, desecrated and with their Gene-seed completely destroyed. All save for the bodies of Jorus and his Death Company, who were found seated on thrones made of the armour of the Black Legion members they had killed in that daring attack.[1]