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Thallax are specialized cybernetic shock troops used by the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1]


Organized into Cohorts, Thallax differ from Skitarii Regiments both in their purpose and unique degree of cybernetic augmentations. The Lorica Thallax which encases them was developed from the Astartes Power Armour, though in the case of Thallax this protection only covers their organs, nervous systems, and cerebrum. The skeleton and limbs of Thallax warriors are replaced entirely with mechanical weapons and servo's powered by an internal reactor. The agony of this process, along with the replacement of most human sensory organs, leaves Thallax warriors notoriously cold and calculating killing machines that unlike Servitors still retain a high degree of independent human thought.[1]

Standard equipment on Thallax warriors include a Jump Pack, Lightning Gun, and heavy Chainswords. However heavy weapons team often carry multi-lasers, phase-plasma fusils, irrad-cleansers, multi-meltas, or photon thruster cannons.[1]



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