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The Altered

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Symbol of The Altered[1]

The Altered are a Dark Eldar Haemonculi Coven of Commorragh.[1] They specialize in the creation of Engines of Pain.[2]


The Altered are well known for never wearing the same anatomy on consecutive occasions. However, their true expertise is in poisons, toxins and phages. They are the premiere suppliers of lethal elixirs in the Dark City – if an artisan were to take a splinter weapon from any Kabal or Wych Cult and break down its constituent venoms, they would find several that hailed from the laboratories of the Altered. Many of their number are Nemesists, dark scientists who collude with the Shaimesh-worshiping toxmaidens of Lhilitu. Though it may take millennia of experimentation, their single-minded quest is to unlock the death-secrets of every sentient creature in the galaxy. When raiding realspace, the Coven will capture as many victims as they can, regardless of quality – they think nothing of rendering down entire populations or even races into a single poison of unparalleled potency. To reap the raw materials they need for their deadly distillations, the Altered employ a standing army of Corpsethief Claws, each Talos equipped with stinger pods and ichor injectors that bubble with the most lethal liquids imaginable.[2]

After encountering the forces of Roboute Guilliman during the Indomitus Crusade, a force of Altered Haemonculi were defeated and forced to retreat. They never forgot the insult and now seek revenge by raiding and capturing Ultramarines wherever they can be found, such as on Vigilus.[3]

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The Altered Talos Pain Engine

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