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The Arkunasha War (Short Story)

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The Arkunasha War
Cover art
Author Andy Chambers
Publisher Black Library
Released 2015
Collected in Shas'o
Editions August 2015 e-short
ISBN 9781785723087

The Arkunasha War is a short story by Andy Chambers. It was originally published in Hammer and Bolter 9, and re-published online in August 2015.

Cover Description

Witness the origin of a legend... When the Tau colony on Arkunasha is attacked by Warboss Gitbiter, a brutal war of attrition ensues. The Tau's only hope of survival is Shas'o Vior'la Kais Mont'yr. Originally dispatched to Arkunasha to train its Fire Warriors, the Shas'o must now teach them the true meaning of battle. Such is his prowess and ability during the conflict that he comes to be known by another name, shovah, meaning 'farsight'. Little do the Orks realise who they are truly up against.


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